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Simple Custom Cookies

Starting at $50

This is for basic, non elaborate cookies. Little to no wording or writing, 3-4 color options, 3 cookie shapes or less. 

Adding colors, airbrushing, lots of writing, intricate designs, metallics, etc. Will raise the price of the cookies or move to another category design. 

Standard Custom Cookies

Starting at $65

Most cookie orders will fall in this category. Cookies that require little writing, utilize 4-6 colors with no characters or intricate details.

Elaborate Custom Cookies

Starting at $70

Contains heavy writing. Character Faces, Specialty shapes, heavy detailing, watercoloring or hand painted designs. 

Characters, logos, etc.  will have special pricing.

When filling out the custom order request form, please be specific so we can give you an accurate idea of the cost. Please attach photos if possible so that we may have a better understanding of what you are looking for and your product styles. 

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